The Approach That We Use To Reach Out

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do

We work with both adult and youth populations to provide:

— Youth program development and implementation


— Engaging curriculum & training design


— Development of collaborative organizational cultures


— Leadership development and much, much, more

SDG 3,4,5,8 & 10

Our signature programs

Big Girls Talk

A program to empower young girls with values that make them feel worthy of many opportunities in life which include having good friends, healthy relationships, worthy of speaking her mind, being heard, worthy of her dreams by giving them right information and tools to use.


Students with Ambitions Goals (SWAG) is a four months program for girls and boys aged 16 years old. Students will thrive in 5 key areas:

  • Develops a strong sense of self
  • Displays positive values
  • Seeks challenges and learns from setbacks
  • Forms and maintains healthy relationships
  • Learn to identify and solve problems in their community


BOLD @Youth proposed as a learning and development, employment placement program for at risk youth in response to the economic issues during and post COVID-19. This program is an initiative by the Sisterhood Alliance to address unemployment issues faced by youth after COVID-19.

Other collaborative effort

  • Technovation Challenge
  • Safecity

What We Care For!

We want to reach out to young girls and women by empowering them with life skills and paving the way for intelligent and compassionate change makers to rise and make a difference for social changes.

We aspire for our participants to continue carrying this torch of believing that YOU MATTER and YOU DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE.

When girls feel confident about their bodies, their intelligence, their worthiness and their sexuality, they have the opportunity to go into the world and fully express themselves — as girls, as women, as humans.

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